• 01.09.2016 The shooting of our coproduction ICEMAN by Felix Randau has started. ICEMAN tells the (possible) history of Ötzi and the last days that led to his mysterious death – probably the oldest and most famous unsolved murderer in human history. The cast is seasoned with renowned actors such as Jürgen Vogel (The Free Will) as [...]
  • 30.04.2015 The leading actor of the new movie „Ötzi- Der Mann aus dem Eis“ will be Jürgen Vogel, German actor, screenwriter, film producer and singer. Definitely one of the most successful charachter actors of German cinema, Vogel will be a perfect Man of Tisenjoch.
  • 20.04.2015 At the 29th edition of „Bozner Filmtage“, we supported the movie CHRIEG, which won the award for „The best movie“. The international jury was impressed about the valiant narration method of the director Simon Jaquemet.

Echo Film functions as a service production company throughout Italy, supporting local and international productions with exactly the right service offering for you – wherever you need us. We successfully realise productions for all budgets and can find the ideal solution for your project too.

Preparation – planning – calculation
We read your script, calculate and produce a shooting schedule, and tell you the optimum shooting options in terms of time and cost.

Consultancy – funding applications
We can advise you in making applications for funding: we can also draw these up for you.

Tax credits
Italy offers various forms of tax credits (up to 25% of outlays in Italy); we can apply these which offer the possibility of additional financing.

Motif – shooting authorisation
Our local team can help find the motif you require, from modern buildings to remote, rocky ravines. We know which authorisations are necessary for shooting and where to obtain them.

Team composition – crew
Not all filmmaking positions can currently be filled by South Tyroleans, but we know who to suggest and can find the right people with the right experience for your project.

Casting of actors and extras
We can put you in contact with the right casters for your project (German and Italian speaking) and we can of course also organise extras.

Depending on your budget and requirements, we can offer either a full production service or just the individual services you need.

Our catering service can assist you not only in South Tyrol; it can also see to your needs when shooting abroad (the South Tyrol effect).

We can provide or rent just the right office space for you.

Data management for up-to-date rushes as well as all necessary backup copies.
Cutting room available with or without cutter (Avid or Final Cut)

Film management, legal advice
Other lands mean other laws and legal rules. We offer competent personnel and advisers in matters relating to contracts, insurance, accounting, film management.