• 01.09.2016 The shooting of our coproduction ICEMAN by Felix Randau has started. ICEMAN tells the (possible) history of Ötzi and the last days that led to his mysterious death – probably the oldest and most famous unsolved murderer in human history. The cast is seasoned with renowned actors such as Jürgen Vogel (The Free Will) as [...]
  • 30.04.2015 The leading actor of the new movie „Ötzi- Der Mann aus dem Eis“ will be Jürgen Vogel, German actor, screenwriter, film producer and singer. Definitely one of the most successful charachter actors of German cinema, Vogel will be a perfect Man of Tisenjoch.
  • 20.04.2015 At the 29th edition of „Bozner Filmtage“, we supported the movie CHRIEG, which won the award for „The best movie“. The international jury was impressed about the valiant narration method of the director Simon Jaquemet.


In development

  • female_ice_skater_on_tips_of_skates
Written and Directed by Hana Geißendorfer
Feature Film

Fifteen-year-old Agnes’ life is consumed by ice skating. All she wants is to win the National Figure Skating Championships and when she is not in the ice rink with her coach, she is skating on the frozen lake behind her family home. Agnes’ parents are extremely proud of their only child and like to make this known in their local small town community.

However, Agnes does not have many friends, nor much of a life outside of the rink. That is, until Frankie joins her training squad after moving to the area. Despite Frankie being her rival on the ice, Agnes finds her fascinating and does all she can to befriend her. Soon the girls become close and under Frankie’s wing Agnes finally lives a little and begins to break free from her engrained routine and strict parents.

But the girl’s friendship is put under extreme pressure when Agnes unexpectedly beats Frankie in an important competition. Frankie now sees Agnes as a serious threat, and starts pushing Agnes away. Desperate to keep her friend, Agnes almost sacrifices her own skating career, when she becomes convinced that her own success is the cause of Frankie’s increasingly self-destructive behaviour.

Filled with guilt, confusion and pain, Agnes gets dangerously lost in her friendship to Frankie and ends up neglecting her own desires. It is only when she realizes the need to take responsibility for herself that she finally manages to take her life into her own hands.