• 01.09.2016 The shooting of our coproduction ICEMAN by Felix Randau has started. ICEMAN tells the (possible) history of Ötzi and the last days that led to his mysterious death – probably the oldest and most famous unsolved murderer in human history. The cast is seasoned with renowned actors such as Jürgen Vogel (The Free Will) as [...]
  • 30.04.2015 The leading actor of the new movie „Ötzi- Der Mann aus dem Eis“ will be Jürgen Vogel, German actor, screenwriter, film producer and singer. Definitely one of the most successful charachter actors of German cinema, Vogel will be a perfect Man of Tisenjoch.
  • 20.04.2015 At the 29th edition of „Bozner Filmtage“, we supported the movie CHRIEG, which won the award for „The best movie“. The international jury was impressed about the valiant narration method of the director Simon Jaquemet.

Three Peaks

in production

  • three peaks
script and direction by: Jan Zabeil
actor: Alexander Fehling, Bérénice Bejo, Arian Montgomery
In co-production with: Rohfilm Gmbh Leipzig

After living in separate apartments for two years, Thomas decides to invite Lea and her son, Tristan, to a trip in the high mountains, determined to take their relationship to the next level. The days and nights in the small hut turn out to be more difficult then expected: While Tristan continues to share their bed, Thomas can’t sleep.

In his desperate attempt to win the boy’s fatherly respect, he takes Tristan and carries him up the mountain. In a beautiful panorama Thomas finally finds rest, while the child sleeps on his lap. But when Thomas awakes, the boy is gone, and fog is all around him. Thomas looked for him in vain, but falls off an overhang and injures himself severely. Tristan finds him and plays games with him as he pleases, throughout the bitter-cold night. Over the next 24 hours, the two of them for the first time see one another as who they are: A boy and a man.