• 01.09.2016 The shooting of our coproduction ICEMAN by Felix Randau has started. ICEMAN tells the (possible) history of Ötzi and the last days that led to his mysterious death – probably the oldest and most famous unsolved murderer in human history. The cast is seasoned with renowned actors such as Jürgen Vogel (The Free Will) as [...]
  • 30.04.2015 The leading actor of the new movie „Ötzi- Der Mann aus dem Eis“ will be Jürgen Vogel, German actor, screenwriter, film producer and singer. Definitely one of the most successful charachter actors of German cinema, Vogel will be a perfect Man of Tisenjoch.
  • 20.04.2015 At the 29th edition of „Bozner Filmtage“, we supported the movie CHRIEG, which won the award for „The best movie“. The international jury was impressed about the valiant narration method of the director Simon Jaquemet.

Second Hand Land

In development

Written and Directed by Michael Kofler
1st prize at the "racconti" contest of BLS
Feature Film

It’s 1961 ­‐ the Cold War between East and West is in full swing. The world is still at a deadlock, teetering between coming to terms with the burdens of the past, and facing the emerging threat of new conflicts. In South Tyrol the underground movement of the BAS is ready to rebell with violence against aggressive population measures by the Italian government. Troubled South Tyrol 1961, the Swinging 60’s on hold. Browbeaten to turn in his dare-devil terrorist brother, a young prudent family father identifies more and more with his brother’s ill-fated rebellion.